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Text search not working

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It seems that the text search (OCR) feature no longer works on the regular site for many (or most) seforim.

Thank you.
asked Jul 5 by bb (280 points)
The workaround is to enter the search backwards for example
אמונות ודעות
ודעות אמונות

3 Answers

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I second the issue  -

I entered מוקצה לחצי שבת and it returned only one hit.

Please fix this ASAP.
answered Jul 10 by ShlomoS (180 points)
Are you talking about search inside a sefer?
Actually, I was commenting on the general ocr search.
I don't understand it - it was not working before and now it is working.
Oh well. must have been a glitch.
Never mind then and sorry to have bothered you.
Enter :
שבת לחצי מוקצה
you will have many.

Also : if after 1-st search you get only a few hits -  press Search button again. Sometimes it works better second or 3rd time
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Possible work around until this is fixed is to use the extended search. That still seems to work.
answered Jul 10 by ShlomoS (180 points)
But that won't work to search in a particular sefer, will it?
no my suggestion was for the generic search.
I didn't understand your reported issue properly.
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I've noticed the same for a long time now. It seems that all book added in the last several years are not working. Not only when searching text inside the book, but even looking for the name of the book or the name of the author. Pick any book name of author name from the last list added (currently Tamuz 5777) and you'll see what I'm talking about. For some books, if you're searching for the exact name of book or exact name of author, you'll find it. But for other - even that would work. It is as if it doesn't exist.

I'm a software developer for many years, and my main area is databases. To me it seems like the code behind the search is directed only to a specific list and not to the entire database. Dear HebrewBooks, lease have your developers fix it.
Thank you and Yasher Koach for your tremendous זיכוי הרבים!
answered Jul 18 by ZPY (140 points)
We have been having some server issues for last few weeks - please bear with us while we fix them. Thank you.
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