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Problem with PDF Viewing

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All of a sudden today when I am looking for seforim and trying to view them as PDF, it is trying to open them in my broswer, Firefox not in Adobe.  I have checked and reset my associations and all was fine.  I have checked other websites such as IRS.Gov and there PDF's open fine.  I think there might be an issue in your website.  Ive used your site for years with no issue. I am using the latest Firefox(54.0 - just updated a few days ago) and Windows 10

(Really disrupting my shiur prep for Shabbos)

This is happening in most every sefer except Shas.  Ive played around with it a lot ,If you would like to call to discuss my # is 718-575-3580

Kol Tuv

Good Shabbos

asked Jun 16 by mdeutsch (140 points)
Can you try:


We are having issues with our servers now
same issue as before
We are dealing with some server issues right now - you can try to download the sefer or is a different browser
Thats the point - downloading doesnt work for the hole sefer as a pdf - im trying for example sefer #14789 - sifsei CHachomim - can only do page by page - which obviously is impractical -
this all started for the first time today
r u able to duplicate
We are not able to replicate, the following works fine:
gut voch
by me when i log into that link it says open with firefox (not adobe)as the default
 while on the shas blatt its ok( i Tried several)
Try it now agajn
now it seems to work - i tried the sifsei chachomim #14789 and some random mishnayos
so i guess you found the issue?

1 Answer

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Thank you, it's fixed
answered Jun 18 by hebrewbooks-yakov (18,850 points)
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